An Open Letter.

Hey, how are you?

The most cliche opening ever, right?

But I feel that sometimes the most cliche lines are the most genuine ones, don’t you?

Of course you’d agree, you’re me.

Recently, you re-covered a song you first did three years ago. Back then, you were almost 23, just somewhat recovered from a horrible heartbreak. You felt betrayed, lost, angry, and disappointed.

You shifted a lot of focus onto music, just so all of your feelings have an exit. You don’t like to be depressed, despite it being part of your emotional nature. So you try hard to be happy.

Three years later, so many things have happened to you, both good and bad.

The same song that you started out with became one of your signature covers, after singing it for the millionth time (roll eyes). You became a street dancer, performed at open mics, met new people, acted in multiple short videos and short films, and fell in love.

But you also experienced heartbreak, loss of family, disappointments, and (non-clinical) depression. You’ve also made stupid mistakes, hurt people, and let people down as well. Life isn’t all sweets and roses, obviously.

Still, you’ve made it past everything, you’ve learned to embrace the bad and cherish the good, and you’re working to become a better version of you every day, little by little.

You might not have done everything right, and you still have a lot to improve on, but you’re working on it, and that’s what matters.

Your New Year’s Resolution was to become better every day, I guess you’re not doing too bad, huh?

Keep it up, and hopefully three years later, you’ll be singing something new, maybe something you wrote yourself!

Remember, there’s still so much ahead of you, so don’t stand in one place for too long. Keep moving forward, and Godspeed.

Best of luck,






作者: albertmusic1990

Singer/Actor/Musician/Street Dancer/Interpreter/Translator I do a lot, and I want to do more.


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