Things In My Life


It’s been about two months since I wrote here.

Life has been good for me, and I’m glad it’s working out this way.

I found a job right after finishing school, and it could potentially turn into a permanent job. But even right now, going to China on an all-expense paid trip is pretty cool.

I started taking hustle dance classes more seriously. The first time I took it, I kinda got discouraged. But now I can do a few proper moves and enjoy myself in the dance, adding a new dance to my repertoire. Also got to meet more people and make new friends, which is always a bonus.

My first job paid pretty well, which means finally having money to get together with friends and enjoy some time out, and you know it’s always good to kick it with friends.

Being able to start doing open mics on a more consistant basis is just great, and I’m constantly reminded of why I started doing it in the first place.

My dance club training is coming to an end. The past 9 months has been an amazing journey, and I know it doesn’t end here. Right now, I’m just psyched to see my results at dance battles this year.

Finally set foot in a swimming pool for the first time in seven years. It’s kind of hard to believe that my car accident happened almost ten years ago. Yet after so long, the pool still felt like home. It was like welcoming an old friend back into my life.

I know it seems like a list, but it’s also a measure of how far I’ve come.

Earlier this year, I was at rock bottom emotionally, and I felt like nothing would get better. I hated myself for what I did, and got extremely depressed. For a few weeks, I had to fake my appearance, and pretended I had a drive to push myself.

I managed to get better, and the wounds healed with time. In reality, all we ever needed was time, but the process of getting there seemed to take forever. Somehow school managed to get me through each day, providing me with a purpose and a goal.

As the world brightened up, my interests sparked again, and I found myself being as active as I can. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy sitting at home, watching netflix or strumming my guitar, it’s that there are so many things that I wanted to do, and I felt like I had to do them. Naturally I got busy, and got to improve myself through all this activity.

There are still moments when my mind races back to those memories, the choices I made and the things I did. And I still wonder: Why? Fortunately, I don’t dwell on it anymore, at least not to the point where I’m unable to function. Thank god I didn’t.

Things come in good and bad, and I’m glad I held on to the good before it got away, while keeping the bad at bay. Now I’m just enjoying my life, and working towards my goals and dreams.

Baby steps lead to big strides. At least I know I’m headed in the right direction.




作者: albertmusic1990

Singer/Actor/Musician/Street Dancer/Interpreter/Translator I do a lot, and I want to do more.


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