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I haven’t written a blog in the longest time. Right now, it’s mostly because my life is somewhat mundane and repetitive. No one wants to hear about how I woke up, went to school, got off school, went home, did homework, and went to bed (with meals in between, obviously).

However, I’ve went through quite a bit these last few weeks. I’m not going to go deep into it, at least not now, and certainly not here. But one thing is certain: my emotions and thoughts are pouring out right now. Ever since I concluded my #100DaysOfInsta project, I’ve felt somewhat bottled up. Writing suddenly became an outlet, something to pour my emotions into. Whether it’s song lyrics, short essays, or just simple phrases, it all results from my emotions.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, but I’ve never considered myself good at it. It’s always been my little “hobby" on the side, while I focused more on music and performing. I guess as the years progressed, my grasp on using words and phrases have increased, and all the random writing I did somewhat polished my skills as well.

So this brings me here: this blog.

I will be writing whatever I want here. The first few posts would probably focus on love and relationships, with further expansion into other topics like life experiences, music, movies, culture, etc. I will also alternate between Mandarin and English. This will be a new start.

The last chapter of my life ended on a bad note. Now, let me start a new one, since we all get a clean slate tomorrow. And boy, do I need mine.


作者: albertmusic1990

Singer/Actor/Musician/Street Dancer/Interpreter/Translator I do a lot, and I want to do more.


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